Monday, July 27, 2015

Manic Monday VI

Book Turnover: Rather like The Circle of Life, books come in and books go out. But more always coming in than going out. This week there was a little bit of both. My father was clearing out some his classics, and I picked up quite of few of them. Dispersing his leftovers reminded me I needed to do a check-through, and yes, sadly, a few went out. Donated, and sold though, so maybe they’ll find new homes.

Basting Spray: I have a love-hate relationship with sewing – when it goes well, I love it, and when everything goes wrong I hate it. My last everything-went-wrong project was a rag quilt. You may have seen them on Pinterest, as they’re very popular right now. They’re supposed to be one of the simplest quilts to make. But I decided to get clever. I used a soft, slippery fabric for the backs of the squares and no matter how much I pinned it, the layers shifted. User error? Probably. Frustrating to the point of tears? Definitely. The problem? I already had the squares for another one already cut and ready to go. Enter a miraculous washable fabric adhesive called basting spray. I’ve never used it, never even heard of it until a few months ago, but what did I have to lose? I sprayed my layers with the basting spray, and it didn’t shift a centimeter, even without pins. I may have a new favorite sewing accessory.

New Experiences: I have never seen a stage play before…Correction: had never. Never before Saturday. My favorite California aunt (as opposed to my favorite Texas aunt, and my favorite Oklahoma aunt, etc.) decided that was a situation that needed a remedy. And on Saturday, I got to see one of my favorite movies on stage – Singing in the Rain. It was an amazing production, and a day I’ll be savoring for quite a while. Something about seeing it all live…it’s so different from just watching a screen. So much more real – I suppose because it is real. The live orchestra playing the big band-era soundtrack was giving me chills before the actual show even started. And yes, I think it may have started an addiction.

Early Christmas Shopping: A store near us was having a major clearance sale in their toy section. Now I don’t know all the ins and outs of store management, so it seemed a little odd to me have clearance right now. Maybe for all the back-to-school stuff that has started arriving? (Yes, it’s only July…I don’t get it either.) It may seem a bit bizarre, but yes, my Mom and I started Christmas shopping in July. I’m not usually one of ‘those’ people – ‘those people’ meaning a person who plans well ahead. I’m more of a let’s-leave-it-all-till-December-so-we-can-panic-freely person. But if it means getting really awesome stuff at a discount price, I can learn to plan ahead. Now where to keep it for the next five months?!

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  1. Chuckling about you leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute "so-we-can-panic-freely". haha....! Every year I commit to waiting until AT LEAST October before shopping for Christmas but it never happens. When you see the perfect thing for someone at a decent (frequently marked down) price, you've just GOT to go for it. It's right there staring at you and it's THEM. So I pick it up as early as February. (I did finally get myself over the idea of post-Christmas sales because a one year gap in buying for a person just flat out doesn't work. Everyone changes in what they like and don't like that you CAN shop too early.)

    And I'm sighing a little over your ability to make a rag rug which is a skill I shall envy.