Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pen & Sword: Introduction

One of my goals for this blog, was to eventually expand and write more than just book reviews. I’ve been trying to take it slow and give myself time to get my footing, and the reviews I’ve been writing are perfect for that. But I’m starting to get an old familiar itch again. I love to write. I have for a long time now. And even though sometimes I’ve lost the drive and had to take a break from it, I’ve always had to go back again. Something would trigger what I’ve always thought of as ‘the ink in my blood,’ and I’d be back to writing like crazy.

While that has always worked for me, I think it’s time for me to get a little more serious about it, and settle down into the habit of writing more diversely and regularly – try to direct the fits and spurts. When I started Close to Heart & Home, I saw one the perks being an incentive and a push to write, something that would force me to channel the ink in my blood regularly and purposefully. I’m not terribly good at self-discipline, even in areas I enjoy, but that just means it’s even more important.

I love to write so many different things – stories, poems, essays, reviews, topical thoughts, and pretty much any other kind of random writing. My problem is self-motivation, and making myself actually put all my ideas and thoughts into a coherent, presentable form. This blog has helped with that, but I’d like to introduce a little more diversity.

So this is the ‘official’ introduction to a new section for the randomness I love so much…albeit controlled randomness. I’m not big on chaos. For lack of a better name, I’m calling it Pen & Sword. I’m honestly not one hundred percent certain what all is going to find its way to this new section, and that excites me. I do know that I want to make it count, and use it for the absolute best. I’m hoping to post quotes I like, pieces of my non-review writing I’m not too embarrassed by, and occasional topical pieces. I feel like I need a little time to get my sealegs with Pen & Sword, so I’m not putting myself on a schedule yet.

As I try this new section, please, feel free to comment on anything and start conversations. We’re all friends here…almost literally. I’m very excited about this new venture, and hope I don’t put you all through too much misery as I try to figure out what exactly it is I’m trying to do. But as most of you are dear friends, I know you’re more patient with me than I deserve.


  1. Best writing advice I can give you? Write every day. I don't care if it's 15minutes or 2 hours, write every day. Your brain will adjust and you will have less writers' block and other annoying things. :-) Looking forward to your randomness. As you can tell, I'm trying to catch up on your blog. ;-)

    1. I've been getting much better about writing regularly. Still not quite every day, but I'm getting there. Thank you for your help and encouragement!