Monday, August 24, 2015

Manic Monday VIII

This past week was filled with the average ‘stuff of life’ for me, but with one new twist. I spent a good part of this week studying, researching, and actually beginning a new interest. Something called Thrift Flipping. I had no clue what it was either, but when one of my sister-in-laws began explaining it to me, I realized it was something I could really get into.

The concept is that you go around to thrift stores, consignment stores, and used clothing boutiques in search of high-end designer brand clothing (all that stuff I would never in a million years buy myself? Yeah, that.), buy it cheap, and sell it for a profit on eBay. Sometimes a really, really good profit.

This is totally made for me. I love shopping (yes, I’m one of those girls), and I love thrift stores. Most of my purchasing is done at thrift stores. Especially books, but that’s a subject for another post. As my SIL began giving me names and brands to look for, the entire store opened up to me, and I saw it for what it really is. Not just a cheap place to shop, but a virtual goldmine.

I’ve already made a few rookie mistakes, but this was quite literally my very first week of doing it, so I feel like I’m actually doing pretty good for someone who didn’t even know what it was. The notebook in my purse is getting more and longer lists of things to look for, as well as a much-needed list of brands that keep tripping me up and that I need to stay away from.

Right now, I’m pretty much at the hobby level. Could it become something more? Very definitely. One blogger is practically bringing in a second paycheck at it. I’m quite excited about it, and at the very least it’s an exciting profitable hobby, with a chance of something more.

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