Monday, August 10, 2015

Manic Monday VII

Spring Summer Cleaning: I am an organizer. I am not a cleaner. Many people mistakenly believe these traits go hand-in-hand. Maybe sometimes they do, but not in my case. I sincerely enjoy organizing and arranging things. Putting a drawer in order is easy and fun for me. Cleaning out that drawer and getting rid of some of its contents? Sheer agony. Especially if clothes are involved. I am also not good at working by a calendar. So while most people are completing their spring-cleaning, I’m running around in my garden, barefoot and muddy. My spring-cleaning waits until my closet dumps itself on my head, and I come running out of my room screaming at my mother, “I can’t live like this anymore!” At which my mother laughs and hands me a garbage bag. This week? Well let’s just say my room is a bit emptier, and the local Salvation Army is a bit fuller.

Mini vacation: Sometimes just taking a break from routine is all the vacation one needs. Not always, but sometimes. Even better if the break from routine includes a first time-trip to a water park. Last week, I didn’t write much, I didn’t read much, but I did an awful lot of other things that were just as important and enjoyable, I worked on things that have been neglected and played in ways I’ve never played before. And now I feel reenergized and ready to play with words again.

Fall Fashions: The beginning of my week involved beach towels and sunscreen, and the end of it involved flannel and “Autumn Orchard” candles. The local stores and malls have all their fall gear out and I couldn’t be happier. There’s a reason I have a piece of wall art that says, “I’m ready for hoodies and cold nights.” I am perennially ready for fall. I’m sure many of you are groaning at me and hanging your heads, moaning the typical moans about “It’s only August!” But we are coming up on my favorite part of the year and I am unashamed and unapologetic. I will try to refrain for sharing Christmas music until after Halloween, but I make no promises.

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  1. Lol. Boy are we related. I want nothing more than fall right now. I bought an apple cider candle the other day. JOY!!! It's still in the hundreds here so no go on dressing for fall yet, but I can dream about it! :-)