Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Marshmallow World

How much more fun can you get than a song called “Marshmallow World?” The title along clues you into its lack of seriousness and its good clean (sweet) fun. This is another one of my very favorite Christmas songs. One I can play on repeat over and over all month long. Maybe part of its obsessive effect on me is the lack of snow in SoCal, which makes snow seem a magical, enchanting wonder of nature...not that it’s not, but there’s a lot more to it than that (or so I’m told). Even so, I’ll keep my little idealized idea of it as long as I can.

I’ve listened to several versions of this song over time, and Dean Martin’s is the one I always come back to. No other singer suits it quite as well as Dean with his lazy-day crooner voice. But there is one version of this song I have spent years looking for, praying for, and crying over its non-existence. “Michael Buble? WHY YOU NO SING THIS?” Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve grown up on a steady diet of classic films with a side of the Rat Pack, but Michael constantly floors with me with his style and amazing voice, so different from anything else out there right now – a total throwback to the Big Band Era. And he is the only contemporary singer that I think is perfect for this song. But he’s also about the only one who hasn’t done it. Ah, well. Such is life. But I will very likely spend a good portion of every winter searching for this song sung by Michael Buble. Maybe someday…

Until then, I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

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