Wednesday, January 6, 2016

L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

Happy belated New Year! 2016 has already started out with some good and some bad. It has kicked off with a nice little holiday vacation to see family and friends in the south, and now back home, I’m in the grip of a nasty cold. Such is the price of traveling. Once I’m feeling a bit better I hope to have a new batch of reviews and other bits and pieces.

For now my focus is on one of the good parts about the new year, and that is Carrie at Reading to Know’s L.M.Montgomery Reading Challenge. This will be my second year participating, but my first as a blogger. Here Carrie lays out the “rules” and details of the challenge.

I’m quite excited about this one, because I have two Montgomery books I’ve never read before. Pat of Silver Bush and Mistress Pat. I already am sure I will love them. And hopefully if there’s time afterward and I don’t get sidetracked with a dozen other books, I’ll pick up the Anne series as well – it’s been a few years since I’ve visited Anne. Much too long, considering I used to read the whole series every year, if not multiple times a year.

Is anyone else going to read along?

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