Monday, October 19, 2015

Manic Monday XI

While I’m home from a vacation to the Pacific Northwest, I’m afraid I’m mentally not quite home yet. I’ve been unpacking for two days, and there may be another day or two of unpacking ahead. I had many boxes of things left up north from a prolonged (five month) vacation last summer, that were not able to come home with me until now. Mostly books. A lot of books. Books everywhere. Really though, I feel like that is quite a good problem to have. And it gives me a legitimate excuse to organize and reorganize my shelves, one of my favorite pastimes. There are few things I like to play with so much as books.

Vacation was full of fun times as usual. Friends, family, nature – everything I love. It also included my first trip to a pumpkin patch since I was three years old, and my first time through a corn maze ever, perfect fall pastimes.

As soon as the last four stacks of books are shelved and I have (partially) reclaimed my room from the rampaging horde, it’s back to life as usual, but hopefully moving forward in a better direction in one or two areas, particularly meal planning (the bane of my existence), time management (also known as “being an adult”), and general organization. Hopefully there will be personal improvement in all of these areas that will carry over to this blog as well.

It may take me a day or two to get back in the swing of things, but I hope to have some exciting travel posts and, as usual, book reviews coming up soon! And now I’m going to go play with my books.

Has everyone else been enjoying their fall?


  1. I loved seeing you again too. :) See if I can't make it a little shorter between trips this next time.